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After the Great Fire and Earthquake in San Francisco in 1906, many Japanese immigrants fled across the bay, rapidly increasing Oakland's Japantown to 2,709 by the 1920s. While some businesses were established in commercial space amidst Chinatown, the service industry expanded throughout the city with 28 cleaners, 26 cleaning services, 14 restaurants, 12 laundries, 21 florists, 26 nurseries, 61 markets, 20 shoe repairs ,and 8 garages. Oakland's Japantown included 5 churches, 4 Japanese halls, 3 Japanese schools, 7 Kenjin Kai (prefectural associations), 5 bathhouses, 5 hotels, 4 barbers, and 5 beauty salons. 8 Japanese goods stores, 5 art stores, and numerous clubs. While over 150 buildings remain to reflect the sprawling Japanese American pre-war presence, very little is noted to recognize its contributions to Oakland's diverse history.


Nakashige Grocery

1102 Market St, Oakland

Nana Caf

909 Franklin St, Oakland

Nara's Florist

3223 Grand Ave, Oakland

New Palace Market

1535 23rd Ave, Oakland

Nicko Cleaning

1436 13th Ave, Oakland

Nikaido Co.

819 Franklin St, Oakland

Nikaido Co.

819 Franklin St, Oakland

Nobori Co.

5249 San Pablo Ave, Oakland

Nobori Grocery

1626 Grove St, Oakland

Nomura Grocery

3533 Market St, Oakland

Nomura Market

1049 55th St, Oakland


819 Franklin St, Oakland

Oak Cleaners

447 Oak St, Oakland

Ofu Kendo

601 Jackson St, Oakland

Ogi, Harry K.

386 8th St, Oakland

Oka Art Store

1737 Telegraph Ave, Oakland

Okawa, D.

919 24th St, Oakland

Olympic Florist

1504 Hopkins St, Oakland

Olympic Produce Co.

1901 Telegraph Ave, Oakland

Omura Grocery

5035 E 14th St, Oakland

Ono Grocery

1600 5th St, Oakland

Onoda Grocery

3401 Adeline St, Oakland

Oriental Art Store

1535 San Pablo Ave, Oakland

Oriental Nursery

6212 Claremont Ave, Oakland

Palace Florist

1504 23rd Ave, Oakland

Palm Grocery

1543 Market St, Oakland

Pig'n Whistle

1906 Broadway, Oakland

Poppy Sha

2514 Linden St, Oakland

Ritz Cleaners

2040 Telegraph Ave, Oakland

River Produce Co.

145-7 Franklin St, Oakland

S. Hirai

603 Madison St, Oakland