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Walnut Grove

Visiting the national landmark historic district of Walnut Grove is a stroll back in time to the charming small town, which overflowed with over a thousand Japanese at its peak in the 1930s. The town remained vibrant with workers in the packinghouses, who frequented the 6 boarding houses, 31 restaurants, and other businesses. While 86.2% of the pre-war buildings remain, including residential homes in “backtown.” Discriminatory practices kept the Japanese from owning the land on which their property stood, until a repeal in the 1999. The Walnut Grove Buddhist Church hosts an annual summer bazaar, offering a historic display and walking tours.


Sato Residence

14109 Grove St, Walnut Grove

Schisida Hotel

1265 B Street, Walnut Grove


1308 Corodon St, Walnut Grove

Yamauchi Residence

1313 North Walnut, Walnut Grove

Yoshida Hotel

14097 Grove St, Walnut Grove