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Across the bay from San Francisco, Alameda's Japantown flourished, with 822 Japanese residents at its peak in the 1930s. In the charming neighborhood near the Park Street bridge, there were 2 churches, 2 Japanese schools, and numerous businesses to provide for the close-knit community. By the 1940s, the Japanese had established their niche serving the broader community with 4 florists, 4 nurseries, 8 cleaners & laundry services, and 6 shoe repair stores. Nearly three-quarters of the pre-war Japantown remains extant but hidden from public memory, unless a neighbor happens upon the annual obon or bazaar of the Buddhist or Methodist church.


Pacific Nursery

2258 Pacific Ave, Alameda

Park Laundry

2425 Clement Ave, Alameda

R. Hashimoto

2420 Santa Clara Ave, Alameda

Rokutani Residence

2301 Eagle Ave, Alameda

S. Furukawa

1547 Sherman St, Alameda

Sakamoto Nursery

2529 Blanding Ave, Alameda

Santa Clara Laundry

1695 Santa Clara Ave, Alameda

Shikuma Residence

2308 Eagle Ave, Alameda

Sonoda Cleaners

1002 Central Ave, Alameda

Student Club

2320 Buena Vista Ave, Alameda

T. Hara Florist

1703 Park St, Alameda

Tawa Residence

1114 Oak St, Alameda

Teshima Residence

2256 Buena Vista Ave, Alameda

Tokyo Cleaners

1618 Park St, Alameda

Towata Flower's

1502 Park St, Alameda

Towata Residence

2139 Pacific Ave, Alameda

Tsuchiya Residence

2161 Lincoln Ave, Alameda

U. Yoshida

1312 High St, Alameda

Yagyu Residence

2319 Eagle Ave, Alameda