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After the Great Fire and Earthquake in San Francisco in 1906, many Japanese immigrants fled across the bay, rapidly increasing Oakland's Japantown to 2,709 by the 1920s. While some businesses were established in commercial space amidst Chinatown, the service industry expanded throughout the city with 28 cleaners, 26 cleaning services, 14 restaurants, 12 laundries, 21 florists, 26 nurseries, 61 markets, 20 shoe repairs ,and 8 garages. Oakland's Japantown included 5 churches, 4 Japanese halls, 3 Japanese schools, 7 Kenjin Kai (prefectural associations), 5 bathhouses, 5 hotels, 4 barbers, and 5 beauty salons. 8 Japanese goods stores, 5 art stores, and numerous clubs. While over 150 buildings remain to reflect the sprawling Japanese American pre-war presence, very little is noted to recognize its contributions to Oakland's diverse history.


S. Nomura

822 5th Ave, Oakland

S. Oka

1306 88th Ave, Oakland

S. Takeshita

817 17th St, Oakland

S.T. Cleaners

6535 Telegraph Ave, Oakland

Safeway Cleaners

3109 Telegraph Ave, Oakland

Saito, K.

2015 23rd Ave, Oakland

Sakada Nursery

1165 84th Ave, Oakland

Santa Rosa Liquor Store

2625 San Pablo Ave, Oakland

Sasaki Nursery

1016 10th Ave, Oakland

Seminary Nursery

2143 Seminary Ave, Oakland

Senda Florist

2281 E 14th St, Oakland

Shiraki Nursery

4601 Clement St, Oakland

St. Rose Wine Co.

2629 San Pablo Ave, Oakland

Stanford Cleaners

1116 Stanford Ave, Oakland

Star Fruit Market

9721 E 14th St, Oakland

Sumimoto Co.

928 24th St, Oakland

Sun Blest Market

2801 Telegraph Ave, Oakland

Sun Cleaning

325 E 14th St, Oakland

Sun Market

4530 San Pablo Ave, Oakland

Sunada Grocery

1523 9th St, Oakland

Sunset Laundry

2101 Union St, Oakland

Sunset Laundry, Branch

3864 Piedmont Ave, Oakland

Supreme Laundry

5675 College Ave, Oakland

Swan Cleaners

2019 23rd Ave, Oakland

T. Sato

1540 San Pablo Ave, Oakland

Takahashi, T.

5931 Grove St, Oakland

Takata Grocery

3144 Grove St, Oakland

Tanaka, K.

1529 7th St, Oakland

Tani, J.

104 7th St, Oakland

Tanji, K.

3664 Grove St, Oakland

Tekawa Grocery

2674 38th Ave, Oakland

Time Cleaners

8416 E 14th St, Oakland

Togo Laundry

1689 7th St, Oakland

Tomono, T.

4137 Foothill Blvd, Oakland

Towata Florist

2900 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland

U.S. Flower Market

1301 E 14th St, Oakland

U.S. Grocery

8911 E 14th St, Oakland

Union Laundry

2510 Filbert St, Oakland

Upright Grocery

6506 San Pablo Ave, Oakland