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After the Great Fire and Earthquake in San Francisco in 1906, many Japanese immigrants fled across the bay, rapidly increasing Oakland's Japantown to 2,709 by the 1920s. While some businesses were established in commercial space amidst Chinatown, the service industry expanded throughout the city with 28 cleaners, 26 cleaning services, 14 restaurants, 12 laundries, 21 florists, 26 nurseries, 61 markets, 20 shoe repairs ,and 8 garages. Oakland's Japantown included 5 churches, 4 Japanese halls, 3 Japanese schools, 7 Kenjin Kai (prefectural associations), 5 bathhouses, 5 hotels, 4 barbers, and 5 beauty salons. 8 Japanese goods stores, 5 art stores, and numerous clubs. While over 150 buildings remain to reflect the sprawling Japanese American pre-war presence, very little is noted to recognize its contributions to Oakland's diverse history.


Dr. T. Yawata

518 8th St, Oakland

Dr. Y. Hayashi

1615 Broadway, Oakland

Dr. Y. Shimada

907 Alice St, Oakland

E. 14th Cleaners

2332 E 14th St, Oakland

E. Koyama

626 Clay St, Oakland

E. Yoshida Nursery

9712 Sunnyside Ave, Oakland

East Bay Nursery Co

5508 E 14th St, Oakland

Eastbay Bait Store

6326 San Pablo Ave, Oakland

Eastern Cleaning

828 Franklin St, Oakland

Eastern Tailor

1541 Market St, Oakland

Eastshore Grocery

1400 16th St, Oakland

Economy Cleaners

2067 Broadway, Oakland

Empire Builders

817 Franklin St, Oakland

Empire Printing

2530 Market St, Oakland

Evergreen Nursery

6924 Fresno Ave, Oakland

Foothill Market

5609 Foothill Blvd, Oakland

Forget-Me-Not Florist

6534 Telegraph Ave, Oakland

Four Star Market

3229 Foothill Blvd, Oakland

Frank's Grocery

2935 Market St, Oakland

Frank's Market #1

1480 14th St, Oakland

Frank's Market #10

3601 Market St, Oakland

Frank's Market #2

1115 10th St, Oakland

Frank's Market #4

3929 Grove St, Oakland

Frank's Market #6

8139 Foothill Blvd, Oakland

Frank's Market #8

5609 Foothill Blvd, Oakland

Franklin Radio Shop

821 Franklin St, Oakland

Fred's Grocery

1103 12th St, Oakland

Friendly Grocery

2036 Market St, Oakland

Fruitvale Floral Co

3531 E 14th St, Oakland

Fujinami, R.

2011 Hopkins St, Oakland

Fujiyama Laundry

1028 22nd St, Oakland

Fulton Laundry

447 Perkins St, Oakland

Fuyo Cleaners

1701 12th St, Oakland

G.E. Market

7319 Foothill Blvd, Oakland

General Cleaners

1453 Fruitvale Ave, Oakland

General Cleaners

1551 23rd Ave, Oakland

General Cleaners

218 E 14th St, Oakland

George Grocery

1039 8th St, Oakland

Golden Poppy Caf

911 Franklin St, Oakland

Granada Cleaners

8819 E 14th St, Oakland

Grove Super Market

5345 Grove St, Oakland

H. Hayashi and Co

2311 73rd Ave, Oakland