California Japantowns - Exploring the preservation of history, culture, and community...


In 1941, Pasadena's Japantown was flourishing with 3 hotels, 10 florists, 6 nurseries, 4 laundries, 11 produce stores, and a dozen other Japanese owned businesses. The community had a Buddhist fellowship, a Christian church, and a Japanese language school. While one third of the pre-war buildings remain in the city streetscape, the Pasadena Japanese Cultural Institute, at 595 Lincoln Avenue, connects its community history through the teaching of language, culture, and cultivation of youth leadership.


California Florist

26 E California, Pasadena

Cherry Florist

939 E Walnut, Pasadena

Christian Women

239 Kensington Pl, Pasadena

Crown Chop Suey

78 N Fair Oaks, Pasadena

Eagle Cleaners

1451 N Lake St, Pasadena

Fuji Nursery

378 S Fair Oaks, Pasadena

Furuno Produce

830 E Colorado, Pasadena

Fuyuume Co.

1881 N Fair Oaks, Pasadena

Green St. Florist

716 E Green St, Pasadena

Hayakana Farm Produce

2001 N Los Robles, Pasadena

Hayashi Vegetables

1230 E Colorado, Pasadena

Honma Co.

154 S Delacy St, Pasadena

Hori Farm Produce

1322 N Lake St, Pasadena

Japanese Union Church

293 Kensington Pl, Pasadena

Kikuchi Co.

900 Winona, Pasadena

Lake Florist

866 E Washington, Pasadena

Lamanda Park Florist

3500 E Foothill Blvd, Pasadena

Lincoln Market #1

275 N Fair Oaks, Pasadena

Lincoln Market #2

425 S Fair Oaks, Pasadena

Lucky Florist

104 S Lake St, Pasadena

Mary Laundry

75 Vinedo Ave, Pasadena

Meiji Laundry

244 W Colorado, Pasadena

Mikado Hotel

117 S Fair Oaks, Pasadena

Morita Co.

70 N Pasadena, Pasadena

Nakota Barber

135 S Fair Oaks, Pasadena

Nippon Nursery

1485 E Orange Grove Ave, Pasadena

Nishi Market

400 E Orange Grove St, Pasadena

O.K. Restaurant

19 E California, Pasadena

Oak Wood Florist

2898 E Foothill Blvd, Pasadena

Orange Grove Nursery

494 N Orange Grove, Pasadena

Pasadena Public Market

1139 N Fair Oaks, Pasadena

Raymond Florist

60 E California, Pasadena

Sameshima Laundry

217 S Fair Oaks, Pasadena

Sato Co.

115 S Fair Oaks, Pasadena

Shoda Florist

1055 E Colorado, Pasadena

Sugano Co.

527 S Fair Oaks, Pasadena

Tai Hotel

139 N Delacy St, Pasadena

Takeda Grocery

1016 S Fair Oaks, Pasadena