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Japanese farming of produce was plentiful in Venice, an area specializing in celery. In concert with the growing gardening trade in the region, there were 9 nurseries by 1941. The farming community had invested jointly in the establishment of the Venice Gakuen and Dojo in 1939, which later provided limited housing but ample land for a tent community for the Japanese Americans returning from internment camps. The Venice Japanese Community Center, at the historic site of the gakuen at 12448 Braddock Ave, continues to thrive with community events, cultural arts, taiko, basketball, and more than 30 clubs.


Ajisaka Produce

1815 Lincoln Blvd, Venice

Celery Farmers Association

12801 W Jefferson Blvd, Venice

Enomoto Co

4569 Centinela Ave, Venice

Hayashi Co.

13360 Washington Blvd, Venice

J.T. Nursery

Route 1, Box 164, Venice

James Nursery

1107 Venice Blvd, Venice

Japanese Association Office

12801 W Jefferson Blvd, Venice

Japanese School

12448 Braddock Ave, Venice

Kitagawa Nursery

4060 Centinela Ave, Venice

Kojo Nursery

4236 Del Rey Ave, Venice

Mother's Association

12804 W Jefferson Blvd, Venice

Nisei Camp

4568 Centinela Ave, Venice

Sangy Kumiai Office

12801 W Jefferson Blvd, Venice

Toguchida Nursery

Route 1, Box 572-A, Venice

Venice Blvd Nursery

11901 Venice Blvd, Venice

Venice Seinen Kai

Route 1, Box 191-B, Venice

Yamada Barber

Route 1, Box 222, Venice

Yamaguchi Nursery

Route 1, Box 192, Venice

Yamauchi Nursery

4223 Ocean Park Ave, Venice