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Long Beach

Southeast of Little Tokyo, a substantial produce market established in Long Beach with 59 vendors by 1941, along with 19 Chop Suey restaurants and cafes. The town included 2 churches, 1 Japanese School, a fish market, 4 florists, and other businesses and also featured 6 art shops. Teachings of the former gakuen continue at the Long Beach Japanese Community Center at 1766 Seabright Ave. A 9-panel mural by Trace Tres Fukuhara graces the building and recognizes the Japanese contribution to fishing and agriculture, wartime injustice, and cultural continuity.


Azuma Chop Suey

1034 American Ave, Long Beach

Curtain Cleaning

1345 Redondo Ave, Long Beach

Daisy Caf

1388 Daisy Ave, Long Beach

Fancy Hand Laundry

1216 Redondo Ave, Long Beach

Fuji Chop Suey

931 E Anaheim Blvd, Long Beach


P.O. Box 3026, Long Beach


1333 Locust Ave, Long Beach

Happy Chop Suey

1982 Atlantic Blvd, Long Beach

Hata Garden Service

1629 Chestnut Ave, Long Beach

Ishii Florist

122 E 5th St, Long Beach


1901 Locust Ave, Long Beach

Japanese Friendship Circle

c/o L.B. Poly High School, Long Beach

Kashu Mainichi

Box 3026, Sta.B., Long Beach

Koyama Radio Service

7632 E Anaheim Blvd, Long Beach

Lucky Chop Suey

2106 Atlantic Blvd, Long Beach