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Long Beach

Southeast of Little Tokyo, a substantial produce market established in Long Beach with 59 vendors by 1941, along with 19 Chop Suey restaurants and cafes. The town included 2 churches, 1 Japanese School, a fish market, 4 florists, and other businesses and also featured 6 art shops. Teachings of the former gakuen continue at the Long Beach Japanese Community Center at 1766 Seabright Ave. A 9-panel mural by Trace Tres Fukuhara graces the building and recognizes the Japanese contribution to fishing and agriculture, wartime injustice, and cultural continuity.


Market Caf

668 Cowles St, Long Beach

Matsui Grocery

1001 Atlantic Blvd, Long Beach

Matsui Grocery

1139 Pine Ave, Long Beach


4030 E Broadway, Long Beach

Matsuno, Mac

4828 E 2nd St, Long Beach

Mel Roy Oil Company

3495 Atlantic Blvd, Long Beach

Miyagishima, Kisaku

1934 E Anaheim Blvd, Long Beach

Nakaji Fruit Store

404 W Anaheim Blvd, Long Beach

New Canton

63 Magnolia Ave, Long Beach

Nikko Chop Suey

1643 E Anaheim Blvd, Long Beach


1037-A Elm Ave, Long Beach


501 W Broadway, Long Beach

Okumura Fruit Store

6661 Long Beach Blvd, Long Beach

Ono's Oriental Barber

212 W Anaheim Blvd, Long Beach

Pacific Chop Suey

337 W Anaheim Blvd, Long Beach

Star Chop Suey

239 E Ocean Blvd, Long Beach

Star Tofu Factory

Route 2, Box 505-J, Long Beach

Takeda, Takeo

550 E 1st St, Long Beach

Tanaka Negato

E Anaheim Blvd, Long Beach

Tani Fruit Store

1601 E Anaheim Blvd, Long Beach

The Capitol

233 E Seaside Blvd, Long Beach

The Orient

119 E Seaside Blvd, Long Beach