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Long Beach

Southeast of Little Tokyo, a substantial produce market established in Long Beach with 59 vendors by 1941, along with 19 Chop Suey restaurants and cafes. The town included 2 churches, 1 Japanese School, a fish market, 4 florists, and other businesses and also featured 6 art shops. Teachings of the former gakuen continue at the Long Beach Japanese Community Center at 1766 Seabright Ave. A 9-panel mural by Trace Tres Fukuhara graces the building and recognizes the Japanese contribution to fishing and agriculture, wartime injustice, and cultural continuity.


Wholesale Chop Suey

3220 E Anaheim Blvd, Long Beach

Wilson Japanese Student Circle

c/o L.B. Wilson High School, Long Beach


1524 W State St, Long Beach

Yoshihara Co.

4030 E Broadway, Long Beach